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The After Days

In a world without power, you need the power of friendship and love to survive.

Middle-aged suburbanites Rachel and Zach team with their friends to battle not only the predators and scavengers who lurk around every corner but also empty pantries, boredom, despair … and sometimes each other.  How far are they willing to go to survive the Big Blackout?

This gripping dystopian twist on contemporary fiction about a woman who must find within herself the strength and ingenuity to endure a world suddenly without electricity is both terrifyingly real and astonishingly tender.
Perfect for book clubs, The After Days explores the ethical quandaries and logistical problems of ordinary suburbanites – people whose most recent problems were dodgy Wi-Fi and cranky bosses – in their struggle to survive in the increasingly treacherous suburbs of Washington, DC.

A Word From The Author

As a writer, I love to explore dystopian events … and the dystopian real world in which we often live … through the perspective of ordinary people. I want to give my readers terrifyingly real, astonishingly tender, gripping stories.

I split my time between North Bethesda, Maryland and Bethany Beach, Delaware. When I’m not writing, I”m golfing, pickleballing, traveling, spoiling my granddaughter, attempting TikTok art projects, and taking long walks to burn the calories in the bread I love to bake.

Amy Ginsburg

Writer and Retired Nonprofit Executive

Work In Progress

Charlie Stewart Rescues Death

I’m currently writing a novel about a retired freelance killer for the CIA who volunteers his services to people wanting death with dignity while coping with his own personal tragedy.

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