My Story‚Äč

I wrote my first book as a child, huddled over an antique student desk in the crawlspace. Jo from LIttle Women had her garret; I had my crawlspace. Somewhere in a blue plastic bin hides a crumbling composition notebook pf the riveting story of Puppy-Pup, my beloved stuffed dog.

Since then, I’ve had a happily eclectic life. After a long career in the nonprofit world, I’m loving retired life, although I did need to retire three times before it stuck. The first time I stopped working I decided to run for county council, retiring for the second time after I came in second place. Six weeks later, I was diagnosed with Stage 1b ovarian cancer, and I retired for the third time when, thanks to surgery and chemo, I was cured . This time it stuck, and I’m delighting in the luxury of time to write and play.

I live mostly in North Bethesda, MD and sometimes in Bethany Beach, DE. When I’m not working on my second novel, you can find me sweating on the pickleball court, cursing on the golf course, walking to burn off the bread I like to bake, playing with the world’s best granddaughter, reading (of course!), and futilely mimicking TikTok art projects.

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